Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 Songs!!


First of all let me introduce the two new members this year: Tolpadi in guitars and Rumki in vocals (You can call her Room Key also, in case you forget her name!! :))

This year is out 5th year in Bangalore and we'd like to recycle some of our old songs from previous years. These are the songs that we think will come out well - we did each of these songs today:
  1. Janeman Janeman - This one was our favorite long long time back. We did it last time in 96 in college and I don't know why we never tried this in Bangalore. So we'd be trying this after 15 years!! Rumki & Anandaroop (Salil)
  2. Hawa Ke Sath Sath - Rumki & someone in male vocals. I'll get one person next time and he should be able to take up some songs. We're doing this for the first time and it's coming quite well (RD)
  3. Kali Palak Piya Gori - Roopa & Anup, wonderful selection by Anup da. (RD)
  4. Sham Hai - Rumki & Ranjita, from Don, we did in 2007. (Shankar Ehsan Loy)
  5. Yeh Mera Dil - Ranjita (Kalyanji Anandji)
  6. It's Rocking - Rumki & Ranjita, again a repeat from 2007 (Pritam)
  7. Sajna Ve - Rumki, repeat from 2007 (Sandesh Sandilya)
  8. Kaisi Pehli - Rumki, repeat from 2007 (Shantanu Moitra)
  9. Chor Bazari - new one, Anandaroop & Rumki (Pritam)
  10. Aap Jaisa Koi - Ranjita, a new one this time (Biddu)
  11. Lag Ja Gale - Roopa, new one this time (Madan Mohan)
  12. Suno Sajna - Roopa, (Lakshmikant Pyarelal)
  13. Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jayein - Andaroop, our favorite from college days, but we never tried in Bangalore (Salil)
  14. Hoyto Tomari Jonyo, Bengali, Anandaroop
  15. Tomar Patho Pane Chahi or some other Bengali, Anandaroop
  16. Sach Mere Yaar Hain - Instrumental (RD)
  17. Sanorita - Rumki & Ranjita will try this one.
  18. As usual we'll have an invocation base on a Tagore's composition. This year is Tagore's 150th birth anniversary. We'll insert some instrumental in between based on Tagore songs.
  19. We'll also have a regional pick, either Tamil or Kannada.

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